Beverly Hills, Calif.: Thenewest addition joining the beauty landscape in Beverly Hills is a former Koreatown“phenom” perfecting the brows for more than 14 years ofbusy moms and boardroom bosses to top talent in front of Hollywood’s TV and film cameras. Cindy Choe’s new studio in Beverly Hills have taken what once seemed an archaically performed practice of semi-permanent and permanent makeup and evolved it into a glamorousfine art.

The chic and petite Korean American expert brings her big talent to Beverly Hills with an introductory offer to Dive into Beautiful Brows for Summerfor March/April2018. The packageincludes a beauty consultthat takes into account the client’s facial structure, complexion, and coloring of skin and hair, among other assessments. Next, a custom microblading eyebrow treatment is done in about an hour that will last exponentially longer than traditional monthly eyebrow waxing…. from one 1-3 years. It’s $699 to be lavished in style and luxury in her calm, smart, clinical-esquegrey and white monochromatic studio and academy just off Wilshire, south on La Cienega.

Microblading is a natural-looking, semi-permanent makeup option for many that change even the sparsest, uneven and misshapen eyebrows into gorgeous, perfectly shaped and arched ones. It requires no cutting of the skin (which is incorrectly done in most procedures) rather her 3D technique honed over more than a decade is like the fine wisps of a delicate paintbrush resulting in a subtle, impactful aesthetic design (not a tattoo).

Women can have confidence to dive into the deep end of the pool or frolic in beach waves with no fear of running makeup. They can wake up looking refreshed/energized, not naked, not “angry” with beautiful brows, and even while sweating at the gym or powering through Soul Cycle, their look remainsin tact. It corrects over tweezing, natural aging with hair loss and facial changes, and results of any medical conditions, such as chemo for cancer patients.It’s very helpful too for older women, or persons with physical challenges that cannot apply their own brow makeup. It’s a sterile procedure with no pain. These semi-permanent and permanent makeup applications are good options to help minimize the time her clients usually take applying makeup before leaving home. It’s really a good option for people who don’t actually have enough time to spend each day on their make-up routine — from the nursery to the boardrooms for busy moms to CEOs. Among others notables, Choe has framed the faces of actresses like Alice Evans (“The Originals,” “Vampire Diaries”), as well as, celebrity wedding planner, Kevin Lee (yes, “guy brows” are a thing, too!).

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No hair, no problem. An artistic approach for the perfect brows can last years

The microblading option, which originated in Asia, is perfect for women with thin or thinning brows, discoloration and other problems.  No hair is removed; save for minor trimming, rather the technique only ENHANCES the eyebrow shape, thickness and color desired. It’s a gentle “scratching” stroke of the skin so the customized pigment can be applied.  Cindy corrects misshapen or missing brow structure to properly frame the face for the perfect look for each client; women, seniors, men and medical patients.For a more dramatic look her “Ombre” (micro pigmentation technique) uses thousands of dots of custom blended, hypoallergenic pigment tofill in older brows, lost hair and bald spots. Thicker, dark sumptuous brows make all women look younger and more vibrantand can be achieved without the hassle of pencils and a drawer full of powders. Those with oily skin especially love this service due to makeup wearing off quickly with that skin type


Cindy Choe Studio is located at 240 S. La Cienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA.  Visit For photos, an interview, more information or a visit to meet Cindy and tour the salon, please contact Steve Valentine, Valentine Group L.A., or 310 |489|0017.