21 People wrote to us:

I couldn’t be any happier with my eyebrows, they’re amazing! My friend referred me to Cindy and her portfolio ultimately led me to booking with her. All her recommendations were spot on and came out better than I could imagine. I also had my top eyeliner done and while I don’t like people touching my eyes, I’m so glad I did it! Everything was completely painless on top of it. Thank you Cindy!

July 17, 2017

Oh, my GOODNESS!! I was Extremely Skeptical and Scared to have my eyebrows done. I had never heard of semi-permanent eyebrows. Anyway, I have seen people with horrible tattooed eyebrows and I completely thought that my eyebrows might look fake. My girlfriend told me about Cindy and her work. Still I was not sure. I had my eyebrows done today and I was Completely shocked at how natural they look. I thought that the strokes of eyebrow hair that Cindy was going to add to my eyebrows might look fake and unnatural, but I was Completely wrong. The eyebrows look sooooo real, even in the sunlight!! Thank you so much, Cindy!! Also, thank you, Elizabeth “G”, for telling me about Cindy.

January 21, 2017

Cindy is incredibly talented and professional when it comes to her expertise and business. She is a true artist and the quality shows through her testimonies. I give her 5 stars, more if I could, because, firstly, she drew a brow better than I have ever drawn myself. Before the appointment I was set on having it drawn my way but she totally convinced me there is a better brow out there for me. Everyday I grow to love my new brows more than the day before! Secondly, she explained everything patiently, from different brow shapes to specific procedure steps. She really is knowledgeable in her field.

My second appointment, the retouch session, was even better. There were some fading from first session but I knew it was part of the process. I attribute part of it to my carelessness in the initial aftercare. I asked her to fix minor things like darkness of the color and reshape of an arch. She worked her magic! I am so satisfied with the retouch. Cindy is in no rush to make your brows perfect. She is very detail oriented and is never in a rush to squeeze in more appointments because she will spend as much time on you until you are satisfied.

Though the wait is long (6+ months), I highly recommend Cindy’s service. This true artist has changed my life! I definitely don’t miss waking up and penciling in my brows half awake!

Thank you, Cindy.

December 10, 2016

Cindy is a MAGICIAN! I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows, and constantly get complimented on them. Cindy was also just so sweet… And she was so accommodating when my first round of tattoo didn’t exactly go as we had expected or wanted it to.

Thanks Cindy — I have been and will forever be recommending people to you!!

December 2, 2016

I took a trip with my friend to have her eyebrows done. So I was able to experience it from the “outside”.

It’s nerve wrecking at first because she draws them in to give you an idea of what the shape will look like and it looks darker than what you’d like.

Later an assistant helps her with numbing and prepping so that the “tattoo” won’t be painful.

CINDY does a really great job. This experience convinced me to want to get it done too.

CINDY is really sweet. She sent me compliments and was even very encouraging with life decisions (not super vital life decisions but little significant decisions. I just mentioned something and she encouraged me to just go for it and gave me good advice. It’s sweet because she could have kept quiet but she jumped in like my aunt, mom, older sister, or older role model would and just gave me her opinion. That’s off topic but I’m sharing it because I wasn’t even her customer but she was just so kind to me.

She loves what she does and she’s really good at it. She’s had 20 years experience and kind of just made it her own.

I know a friend who drove from up north just to come see her.

I can’t stop staring at my friend’s eyebrows. Looks so natural and nice.

I like that it’s semi permanent. She said it fades about a year later and you can touch it up and reshape it as necessary. 🙂 win win

November 2, 2016

Okay, I’ve been lazy about writing a review.

Verdict: 5 stars

Cindy knows exactly what thickness and style work for you. I love how she wants a very natural look unless if you yourself want thicker eyeliner tattoos for a more dramatic appearance.

Something to remember, don’t be shy about asking for more topical anesthesia. I thought I had a high pain tolerance but hello! This is a tattoo for the eyelids. I ended up squinting a lot the whole time Cindy worked on me, and that stretched out my session far longer than it normally takes because squinting makes it harder for the needle/ink to penetrate the skin. So. Layer it on, ladies.

The tattoo looks way darker during the first few days but it will look more natural once the scabs fall off.

Great investment, ladies!

October 2, 2016

A couple of years ago, after A LOT of research, I met Cindy. Since then I’ve had my eyebrows & eyeliner done myself as well as referred my sister & Mom. Needless to say I think she is the absolute best!

I’m happy to go to her KTown office & thanks to Cindy & her wonderful assistant (love her) I always leave with a smile on my face and super psyched about my brows. Besides doing the best work, they are kind, interesting & so sweet.

Plus, I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s experienced this but, I swear the brow procedure enhanced my hair growth…and I needed it after chola-ing them out in middle-school. You can come back from anorexic brows!

My mom’s brows (ahh, which Cindy created for her) look good nearly a year later. I just went back for a touch-up a year+ out and am more pleased than ever. All the research was worth it. I’m so happy with Cindy and totally recommend!

TIP: if you’re getting eyeliner, watch your blood thinners before- alcohol (sorry), aspirin, vitamin e, fish oil, etc. doing so seems to help bleeding & swelling quite a bit.

October 2, 2016

Cindy is sweet and is a pro at what she does! Please be patient with appointments and it is worth it!!

September 26, 2016

I can not stress how amazing Cindy is. She genuinely cares about her patients and is just an eyebrow magician! I wouldn’t dare go somewhere else! She gives you her upmost professional opinion and makes sure your comfortable throughout the whole process. Every time I go in, it feels like I’m meeting up with a friend. Thank you, Cindy! For being so incredible at what you do. I love my brows!

September 10, 2016

This review is overdue but finally I am writing it after my 3rd time seeing Cindy. I got my brows done last year after doing lots of yelping and reading reviews/ looking at every picture. I found Cindy and I am so extremely happy I did. First off Cindy herself is such a doll! She is so sweet and I never feel scared or awkward while she is doin her thing! She is an artist, over 20 years of experience and knows exactly what shape eyebrow will look the most flattering on your face. I trust her 100% to just do what will look the best. She will listen if you have a diff preference of course but to me I feel she knows what will look the best. The first time I went I had very sparse eyebrows and was drawing them on and filling them in every day. I no longer have to spend 20 minutes trying to make them look the same and still being unhappy with the result. Personally I came for a touch up just before a year because I wanted them to be a little darker and your skin does absorb the ink over time. I truly believe Cindy is the best you can find. Don’t let the wait discourage you because there is no one who does work like Cindy. Her assistants are also so amazing and friendly. They will numb you before you see Cindy and the process is painless! I will forever be a customer here as long as I can!

September 7, 2016

Seriously everyone, Cindy Choe has changed my life with the amazing brows she gave me! I live in Long Beach and am willing to sit in 1-1.5 hour traffic to see her in k-town, because it’s totally worth it.

I have just gone back to her for 6 month touchup today. Not because I needed a touchup…my brows have been totally on fleek and I get the best compliments. But I went back because now that I’ve gotten accustom to semi-permanent brows and that I’m no longer a eyebrow tattoo newbie, I’ve decided I want more! I wanted to take it bit further and go with a thicker and fuller look.

Cindy was booked up for the next 6 months so I was on a waiting list. Lucky for me her staff member Marisol was able to squeeze me in at the last minute due to a cancellation.

Since it was a touchup, the appointment was half the time of a new eyebrow appointment. Her pricing is very reasonable and competitive in this market. touchup prices are tiered based on timing of the last visit you had with her.

With that said, my brow turned out amazing as expected. Cindy has really perfected this craft and the quality of her masterful work really shows. Just go to IG and check out her before/after client videos.

Thanks so much Cindy for making my brows look so on point!

September 2, 2016

I was nervous coming in because I didn’t know how to draw my brows. I let her do her magic and walked out with perfect brows! Thank you!!!

August 2, 2016

Thank you Mia and Cindy for making my life so easy. Waking up with perfect brows is a dream come true ( still can’t believe it so have to pinch myself ) . I appreciate the professionalism and the way you make everyone feel special. If I can give you more starts I would but 5 is the max:)

August 2, 2016

Cindy was absolutely amazing. Completely professional and so sweet. She listened to what I wanted and we both agreed on the same type of eyebrows. She answered my questions, made me feel comfortable and I kept her entertained with my goofball self. I booked this appointment in February 2015 and got the appointment for June 6th 2016, but it was completely worth the wait. I got the appointment at a perfect time before the cutoff because after July 1st her fee is going up to $1,000. I am incredibly happy and pleased with my new eyebrows, for once I’ll be able to go swimming without worrying about them coming off, all I need now is a boyfriend LOL. Even at $1,000 she is definitely worth it. Thank you Cindy, you rock.

July 26, 2016

I came in to see Cindy last Wednesday with my sister after a 6 months wait. She has altered my life and my brows completely. I can now sleep in an extra 10 minutes every day. I no longer have to worry about my eyebrow powder getting rubbed off. Best of all, I can wake up next to my husband and not worry that my brows look all jacked. Thank you Cindy, for your professionalism, your talent, and your excellent services (including the front desk). Needless to say, I am forever grateful. Best $300 bucks I spent and I’ll be back!!

P.S. If you’re not sure about the what brow shape you would like, Cindy will lend you her expertise and show you what looks best with your personality, face shape, etc.

July 17, 2016

So great. Natural and even. Her hairstroke method is the best I have ever seen. Love not having to fill in my brows every morning.

July 2, 2016

I had three appointments with Cindy to get my brows to their final shape. The first time I was in her office was back in Feb or March of 2016. I came in about a month later for a touch up. Then again in August 2016.

Cindy was recommended to me by my hairdresser, who has other customers who had their brows done by Cindy. I had also read the online reviews prior to booking my first appointment. The review that resonated with me the most, and which my experience bore out, is the one written by Meredith D from Glendale on 4/20/16.

As Meredith said, go with Cindy’s recommendations. The first time I went in, I had my eyebrows drawn on and thought that was the look I wanted. Cindy pointed out that the color was too red for me. I was also used to thinner eyebrows. Cindy recommended that I go with thicker brows, as thicker brows give a younger look. Hence, that was the reason I had three appointments. We worked up to this look gradually, so that I would have time to adjust to the new look.

I am very happy with the way my brows look. My hairdresser often comments on what a great job Cindy did. The color Cindy selected goes well with my completion. The thicker brows do give me a younger look.

July 2, 2016

Cindy knows what she’s doing. She fast, effective, and I love my results. The process only took about 2 hrs and I walked out ready to take on my day- no discomfort, bleeding, etc.

Her prices just went up drastically but I still booked my mom an appointment. She’s that good!

June 2, 2016

I am seated in the waiting room excited to get my 2nd (technically 3rd) touch up.

I had no idea how important having your brows on-point was until moving to CA. I sought out CC Permanent Make Up upon the recommendation of another CC client. I waited 2 months for my initial appointment. While I waited, I searched every permanent make up site & tip I could find. I read through all the CC reviews thoroughly. The SAME message was woven into every review…Have an idea of what you want, but TRUST CINDY’s RECOMMENDATIONS on color and shape. Our first date arrived & it was luv at first sight! Cindy and her staff are A+++

Park in the back, go down the concrete stairs and look for suite 102. There is a receptionist. After checking in, you’ll go to a waiting area equipped with a cold water & hot water dispenser with tea & instant coffee selections. An assistant will come to the waiting area and apply topical anesthetic to the treatment area…..and there you sit and bake.

You’ll soon be taken back to the CLEAN comfy beautification stations 🙂 Get ready, you are about the meet the tiny firecracker that is going to change the way you feel about yourself & therefore present yourself to the world! If it’s your first time read here, you sit in a salon chair and Cindy goes over expectations, lifestyle (stripper vs. attorney or maybe both), colors, shapes drama etc. I reiterate, GO WITH HER RECOMMENDATION. If it’s a retouch start reading here, you enter a treatment room where the skin is prepped to absorb more numbing cream and color (it’s kinda like roughing the skin up a bit making it porous) After the prep, more numbing cream is applied and you bake 10 additional minutes. THEN….get ready to be beautiful!

They will issue aftercare cream and instructions. Buy Tegaderm BEFORE your appointment. You’ll need it for aftercare. My brows are pretty dark the first few days and then settle in. I posted pictures. I cannot say enough about Cindy and her staff’s kind souls, eye for art and professionalism. Its worth the wait.

June 2, 2016

I just got my eyebrows tattooed yesterday and I cannot believe that I have waited so long….They came out amazing.

I have been drawing on my eyebrows for 10 years and I am deathly afraid of needles or having someone do something permanent to my face.
But this is how it all goes down…

I walked in with my eyebrows already done so she would get an idea of how I’ve been doing my own eyebrows. She proceeds to wipe it off and ask if she can redo it. She gives us two different options(one on the right brow the other on the left), you can choose your own style or trust the professional. I chose her option because it looked a lot better and really contoured my face. Then she numbs the area and covers it with saran wrap.
It does not hurt and within less than an hour you’re done. I can swim and go to the gym without any worries =))))

I am too happy for words to describe…I will be bringing in 4 of my friends this year and my own mother to laser off her 12 year old tattoo’s and have Cindy redo them. I know this is repetitive but she really and genuinely cares about EACH person and I couldn’t be more grateful or happy today!!!

May 2, 2016

Cindy and her staff were amazing today! Although appointments were a little backed up they really do make sure that you are satisfied with what you want and get you in and out quick. So, do be patient because the wait is well worth it! If you want the best her staff will get the job done and make you look fabulous. Thanks again to Cindy and her staff for doing a great job on my brows!

March 3, 2016

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