At Cindy Choe Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy, we work with you to make you feel beautiful everyday! As a leader in permanent makeup, Cindy Choe has worked with thousands of clients to get the perfect look for them.

The advantages of permanent makeup / tattoos are many: you can get beautiful eyebrows that last, eyeliner that doesn’t need to be applied daily, and lips that look perfect all the time.

Come discover why Cindy Choe Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy in Los Angeles is the number one choice for clients all around Southern California (and from areas beyond – yes, women fly to L.A. to see Cindy Choe)! We know that deciding to get permanent makeup is a big decision, and we’re happy to discuss the entire procedure with you!


Your eyebrows are your most important facial feature. All your emotions and expressions come through your eyebrow’s shape, making you…you! The way they’re groomed can make you appear youthful and happy or tired and angry.

Find out how microblading gives you natural looking, hassle-free, perfect eyebrows everyday.



Eyeliner defines your look and makes your natural eye color pop. But it’s a pain to apply eyeliner daily and touch up throughout the day, only to still have it smudge or run down your face.

Learn how permanent eyeliner gives you the best contour for your eye shape and gives you the look you desire, all day, everyday.


 Lip Tinting

Lip liners, sticks and glosses create the most kissable, sexy lips! But those products tend to smear and require constant reapplication.

Lip tinting adds the smear-free color you want and lasts all day and night, without fading.



Check out what our clients say about what the Cindy Choe Studio has done for their confidence and quality of living!


MongQ T
"I was nervous coming in because I didn't know how to draw my brows. I let her do her magic and walked out with perfect brows! Thank you!!!"
Merideth D
"She loves what she does and she's really good at it. She's had 20 years experience and kind of just made it her own. I know a friend who drove from up north just to come see her. I can't stop staring at my friend's eyebrows. Looks so natural and nice."
Jessica E.
"A couple of years ago, after A LOT of research, I met Cindy. Since then I've had my eyebrows & eyeliner done myself as well as referred my sister & Mom. Needless to say I think she is the absolute best!"
Chi N.
"Cindy is a MAGICIAN! I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows, and constantly get complimented on them. Cindy was also just so sweet... And she was so accommodating when my first round of tattoo didn't exactly go as we had expected or wanted it to."
Pavlina A.
"Thank you Mia and Cindy for making my life so easy. Waking up with perfect brows is a dream come true ( still can't believe it so have to pinch myself ) . I appreciate the professionalism and the way you make everyone feel special. If I can give you more starts I would but 5 is the max:)"

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